Combining the best in showcase, social, and competitive gaming events.

Photography taken at Laugh Boston.



AGE has extensive experience producing social gaming events, both for the general public and private events. AGE hosts hundreds of social gamers at their P1P2 event every month at Laugh Boston and has begun outsourcing the P1P2 experience to third party venues. Our most popular gaming experience, we combine state of the art gaming tech with the nostalgic arcade cabinets, console, and table top games that gamers know and love for an unforgettable night of games and fun. 

Cutting Edge

AGE consistently offers virtual reality experiences at our events. Working with companies on the forefront of gaming technology, like VirZoom. 




AGE produces and runs Esport events and gaming tournaments year round both in house and for third parties. Running tournaments across titles like Call of Duty, Street Fighter, and Super Smash Brothers to name a few.