Asylum Gaming and Esports is New England’s premier full service gaming and esports organization. AGE’s goal is to provide the very best experience to the gaming and esports fans in Boston, New England and beyond. The AGE production team is made up of seasoned gaming and esports experts, event producers and entertainment and logistics professionals with the desire to create creative engaging gaming events and esports tournaments.

Our regular gaming series, Player 1/Player 2, features over 50 consoles, 100’s of board games, 35,000 individual titles and a live speaker series showcasing the most influential movers and shakers in the Boston gaming scene and beyond. P1/P2 is hosted at Laugh Boston, one of the city’s most beautiful events spaces. Private gaming events, esports tournaments and gaming themed entertainment and production is just the beginning of what is to come from the AGE team.

AGE is excited to provide the New England gaming and esports community the level of quality production and service that they deserve. Our goal is to continue to serve gaming fans around the regions and grow and evolve with this amazing and rapidly growing industry.