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AGE has extensive experience producing social gaming events, both for the general public and private events. AGE hosts hundreds of social gamers at their P1P2 event every month at Laugh Boston and has begun outsourcing the P1P2 experience to third party venues. Our most popular gaming experience, we combine state of the art gaming tech with the nostalgic arcade cabinets, console, and table top games that gamers know and love for an unforgettable night of games and fun. 


Cutting Edge

AGE consistently offers virtual reality experiences at our events. Working with companies on the forefront of gaming technology, like VirZoom. 


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AGE offers third party production opportunities for all kinds of competitive/Esport events. Most recently responsible for The Boston Uprising Collegiate Cup, as well as the Red Bull Battle Grounds and the Cap Com North American Street Fighter Finals in Boston, AGE is capable of bringing high quality Esport/competitive action to any scale venue.


Private Events

AGE can create gaming and Esports experiences for groups from 10 to 1,000+ at our venues in the Boston area or anywhere in the country. Live or work in Boston and want to book a late night gaming experience for your co-workers? Interested in hosting a gamers lunch? Do you own a venue and want to get into Esports and gaming but don't know where to start? AGE can help! Please contact for more.


Esports expertise and Consulting

Our experienced team consists of previous pro gamers and coaches, live event producers, and a full operations team capable of executing any gaming event on any scale. Should you be interested in bringing Esports and gaming to your venue, consider us your go to source for consultation and the primary management option in Boston. Learn more HERE!


Your event space

Gaming events can take place anywhere! Interested in turning your event space into a gaming center, or hosting local tournaments or watch parties? AGE has the hardware and the management staff to set up and run any gaming event imaginable. Interested in hiring us? Contact


Our Event space

With a few homes in Boston, AGE currently hosts most of its events in the beautiful Laugh Boston club in the Seaport district. Directly next to the convention hall, Laugh Boston provides the perfect setting for gamers and socialites. Interested in renting? Contact


About Us

AGE is New England’s premier full service gaming and Esports organization. AGE’s goal is to provide the very best experience to the gaming and Esports fans in Boston, New England and beyond. The AGE production team is made up of seasoned gaming and Esports experts, event producers, and entertainment and logistics professionals with the desire to create creative engaging gaming events and esports tournaments.

Our regular gaming series, Player 1/Player 2, features over 50 consoles, 100’s of board games, 35,000 individual titles and a live speaker series showcasing the most influential movers and shakers in the Boston gaming scene and beyond. P1/P2 is hosted at Laugh Boston, one of the city’s most beautiful events spaces. Private gaming events, Esports tournaments and gaming themed entertainment and production is just the beginning of what is to come from the AGE team.

AGE is excited to provide the New England gaming and Esports community the level of quality production and service that they deserve. Our goal is to continue to serve gaming fans around the regions and grow and evolve with this amazing and rapidly growing industry.

IA Innovation + MindTrek Corporate Training


Think back…

To the last leadership and employee training your company had...was it exciting? Memorable? Or did you master sleeping with your eyes open? IA Innovation, global leaders in innovative and impactful training, is proud to partner with MindTrek, the most cutting edge virtual reality tech on earth, to offer the greatest training experience on the market, that will leave your team energized, tested, and ready to innovate. 

Working closely with your group, we'll create an innovative training experience customized based on your needs. Then using similar improvisational techniques we use to create ensemble comedy on our stages, we'll inspire your team to trust each other and work together, flex their creative muscles, build to bigger and better ideas, and then plug your team into the fully immersive MindTrek virtual reality experience to put that training into practice.

Find out why companies like Fidelity, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Twitter, PwC, Carl Zeiss, Harvard, MIT, and Nokia have all tapping into IA Innovation's unique and effective training approach to continue to be leaders in their space, and experience the finest virtual reality technology available all in one package. Let us help your team blow its MIND!!

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